Standard Model Release (TFP)

What are the terms of the Model Release I sign?

This is what you agree to when I take photographs of you. You'll sign a copy of a document on the day of the shoot that does the following:

I get permission to use your images as I see fit - exhibitions, promotional or marketing material or entry into competitions. 

I am able to retouch, modify, or manipulate images in an artistic fashion using software or other tools.

You might see your images online, and they'll go on my blog. If it is an exceptional image, I may even offer it up for sale as a print to the general public. If that's the case, we'll come to a separate agreement on how to split proceeds of any sales and what type of pizza to celebrate with, together.

Steven Perdikis Photography retains copyright to any images that are produced. If you wish for your image to be used for publication or your profit, we can negotiate a licencing fee for that image. You're free to use your image on social media, but if you're making money from that image or to promote your product, I will expect to be paid; just as you would. I'm reasonable. We can work something out. 

This agreement doesn't (and won't) stop you from taking your high resolution digital image that I deliver and printing it out and putting it in your house. You could even put it in the house of someone you want to torment daily with your likeness. If you do this, please let me know, it will make me happy.

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